60W 4000K LED Shoebox/Flood Dimmable 9900 Lumens image 2
60W 4000K LED Shoebox/Flood Dimmable 9900 Lumens image 3
LED Shoebox/Flood | Dimmable | image 2
60W 4000K LED Shoebox/Flood Dimmable 9900 Lumens image 2
60W 4000K LED Shoebox/Flood Dimmable 9900 Lumens image 3
LED Shoebox/Flood | Dimmable | image 2


SKU: SH-100W-40K-V4

Underwriter Laboratories conforms to the safety standards in the US and in Canada DLC Premium achieves higher energy savings, delivers light quality and controllability performance that exceed DLC Standard

Illuminate your outdoor spaces with our V4 Hybrid LED Shoebox Flood Lights. These external LED flood lights are a perfect fit for parking garages, sports arenas, stadiums, and more. The V4 model features an elegant lens design and improved water resistance with the driver located under the fixture. With reduced size and weight, our DLC Premium approved flood lights offer efficient performance.

Constructed from robust die-cast aluminum, they withstand harsh conditions. Available in 60W, 100W, 150W, 200W, and 300W, with 4000K or 5000K colour temperatures. Choose from multiple mounting options. For added functionality, an optional photocell is available. Upgrade your lighting system and enjoy powerful illumination with our LED flood lights.



Specs sheet

Download the specifications sheet.

Lumens: 14000 14000

Power: 100 W 100 W

Equivalent to: 300W 300W

Weight: 8.8 lb 4 kg

Colour Temperature: 4000K 4000K

Input Voltage: 100V-277V 100V-277V

Colour Rendering Index: 70 70

Minimum Operating Temperature: -40 °C -40 °C

Maximum Operating Temperature: 50 °C 50 °C

Suitable Conditions: Wet Wet

IP Rating: 66 66

Product Warranty Years: 5 5

Product Lifetime: 50000 h 50000 h

Dimmable: 0-10V 0-10V

Finish: Bronze Bronze

Length: 13.6 in 34.5 cm

Width: 10.2 in 25.9 cm

Height: 2.6 in 6.6 cm

Case Pack Quantity: 1 1


What is the dimming method for the Shoebox?

0-10V (1-10V)

Is the Shoebox DLC listed?

Yes, it is a DLC Premium fixture

How to install the photocell on the fixture?

Remove the Shorting Cap. Insert photocell and screw down

What is the difference between the two photocells?

The SH-CELL-V4 is compatible with the 100-277VAC Shoeboxes, while the SH-CELL-V4-347V is compatible with the 347V Shoeboxes

What is the suggested mounting height for a 150W Shoebox?

15 feet. As a general guideline, aim for a foot of height for every 10W

Can the slip-fitter be combined with a pole adapter?


What are some Shoebox applications?

Can be very useful for exterior parking areas, pole lights, or exterior walls

Does the fixture's power cable pass through the slip-fitter during installation?


Can a Shoebox be installed without a shorting cap?

Only if it has been replaced by a photocell (the shoebox must either have a shorting cap or photocell affixed)

Does the fixture come with a photocell?

No, photocells are sold separately (the fixture does come with a shorting cap included)

What does the photocell do?

As a daylight sensing device, it allows for energy savings and automation by turning off the fixture according to lighting conditions