Myth 13: LED contains mercury

An excuse we sometimes hear from consumers for not switching to LED technology is that LED lamps contain mercury, thus they are not safe. Actually, the truth couldn’t be any further from the statement. In fact, LED based products do not have any mercury. They do contain a few soldering spots of lead and/or arsenic but this is not in any powder form and they are very minimal within the product. Therefore, no components of LED lamps and products are hazardous to health.

Now, if you are really worried about mercury levels, be aware that CFL lamps (compact fluorescent lamps) do have mercury in a powder form. Thus, if you drop and break a CFL lamp, the powder could be released into the air and there would be a danger of breathing it in.

Keep in mind that for any electronic device, there are designated drop-off points to discard the materials, so we do encourage you to dispose wisely.

Here is a link from Government of Canada about the safety of these type of lamps: