Why is CRI important?

CRI is the abbreviation used for color rendering index. It is a measure of the light source’s ability to show the object’s “real” or “natural” colors in a scale from 1 to 100. The method of measure established by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE), evaluates the quality of 8 standard color samples (R1 to R8) that are compared to a correlated color temperature (CCT) and the variation of the difference determines de CRI.

But why is CRI important? Because it can make a great impact on the environment and in some commercial cases, it can also increase the attraction to a product and potentially translate into generating more sales. Here are a few images to illustrate this: (Bad CRI on the Left, Good CRI on the right)

Good CRI Vs Bad CRI (Shoes) montage

Good CRI vs Bad CRI (Jewelry) montage

So, if you’re looking into designing a new space, or remodeling an existing one, make sure your lighting is as efficient as possible so that your signature design elements are as visually aesthetic as possible!

CRI information can be found on product packaging, on spec sheets and on technical product brochures.