When it comes to deck and patio lighting, you’ll probably want to go with something a bit more fun. Impress your guest by adding Waterproof Dimmable Flexitubes and/or Weatherproof Dimmable LED Strips around the place. Both safe to use in any weather, they’re easy to disguise and fit most places due to their slimness and customizable length.We can even cut them for you and have them delivered to you directly, ready to plug and play!*

Flexitube application on deck rampsFlexitubes application with deck stairs

With many color temperature variations available, whether it's 3000K, 4000K, 6000K or RGB (color changing), these products are great to set any mood. And that, by the click of a button! Yes, you read that right. Our LED strips can all easily be controlled by a remote. So which product should you go for?

Waterproof Dimmable Flexitube

Mainly known for being dot-free and of high quality, these strips are the perfect balance between esthetic and practical. Indeed, the fact that they are dot-free makes them smoother and more pleasing to the eye, hence why you can install them anywhere without having to hide any dot-like effect, which can be a bit disturbing. The smooth finish or the light really steps it up a notch. They're perfect for adding accent or for any other decorative purposes. They'll look good on ramps, walls and other areas where they could be exposed (or not).

These come in 10-meter rolls that can be cut at indicated cut marks. If you are looking for a softer, more relaxed set up, we recommend that you opt for the 3000K color temperature which will result in a warm white. For a more dynamic ambiance though, 4000K (cool white) would be best. But, if you want both, then you should go for the RGB version of our Flexitubes. You'll be able to o from neutral colors such as white, orange or yellow, to funkier party colors such as red, green or blue.

Our Flexitubes' 250 000-hour lifespan will also make them last through many summers before you have to consider changing them.  All of our three versions come in 1400 lumens with a 12 W power consumption, which is equivalent to about 36W.


Weatherproof Dimmable LED Strips

Very popular due to their cost-efficiency! With many versions to chose from, our LED strips are also great for deck lighting, especially if you are looking to really brighten the space. Ranging from 2100 lumen to 7200 lumens, these strips are the winners when it comes to brightness! Great for illuminating specific areas to see them better, such as kitchen counters, bars, cabinets, etc. These LED strips can offer maximum brightness with their 7200 Lumens and 6000K version. But, if you want to go for warmer tones or softer looks, lower levels of brightness and warmer temperature are available as well. 

Even though their 3000 hour lifespan is lower than our Flexitubes' one, it will still last you quite some time!led strip 12v

*All of our Flexitubes and LED strip products require the use of a driver in order to function. Find out what kind of driver you will need in this article or contact us.

If you have any questions or comment, feel free to contact us anytime!