Lighting Controls (Residential) Arani

Top 10 reasons to use lighting controls

Lighting controls are for every and all applications. There are many benefits to use them in homes, office spaces, commercial buildings and even warehouse applications. So, here are the top 10 reasons to start using lighting controls:

  1. Because they work great with LEDs.
    1. LED technology is fully compatible with lighting controls and diming accessories. So take you’re your LEDs to the next level!
  2. Because you want to increase your energy savings.
    1. Are you finding lights on when no one is using the space? By setting scheduled lighting preferences, you can pre-schedule when to turn your lights off or when to dim the for the perfect ambient lighting. Consumption is also proportional to the % of dimming. Therefore, if you dim an 8 Watt lamp to 50%, you consumption drops 50% for a total of 4 Watts.
  3. Your lamps will last longer
    1. The beauty of automating lighting and having dimming controls is that the lifetime of your bulb (lamp) increases. Since LED lights can last for up to 15,000 hours or more, when you dim them or limit it’s use, you will expand its lifetime and postpone replacement.
  4. You will improve your environment.
    1. By customizing lighting levels to match the activity, you can make distinguishable workspaces tailored to your needs.
  5. Set it and forget it.
    1. Unless you have different settings for daylight savings, simply program your preferences and the smart controls will take over the planning! Some controls also adjust to ambient light levels. Photo cell controllers can easily turn on and off your lights if the ambient or outdoor lighting is sufficient.
  6. Create an ambiance.
    1. Bedroom, gym and dining room can all have their own settings. Create the right ambiance for the ideal setting with one simple controller.
  7. Increased comfort & security.
    1. Smart controllers can be combined with motion sensors, or photo cell luminaires to power them when needed. You can therefore, leave a nightlight on, when the sensor determines a level of darkness and it can even dim it, at different levels. No more need to compromise safety!
  8. They are a frequent traveler’s best friend.
    1. While controllers can’t feed your pets while you are away, they can create the illusion of occupancy to keep burglars at bay.
  9. There are no wavelength interference.
    1. Previous versions of sensor models used microwave transmissions or ultrasonic frequency that interfered with other technologies. Recent versions have highly improved and no longer interfere with other home electronics/appliances.
  10. It’s an environmentally friendly solution.
    1. Managing your use and limiting the consumption to your immediate needs impacts our environment. Support the planet and feel good about doing your part!