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The AraniLab

We are proud to present the AraniLab, Arani’s very own high performance light lab. Although many speculate that the sphere is a vehicle for time traveling or a “hole” for undisciplined employees, the sphere is an impressive tool for innovation. With its 2-metre diameter, the sphere is one of the few of its size in Canada. The lab’s spectro radiometer and integrating sphere measures the radiant power and luminous flux of Arani’s luminaires. An engineer is dedicated to the lab full time.

In addition to quality control measures at the factory level, the lab assists lighting technicians and engineers measure the quality and performance of a product at different conditions. AraniLab also plays an important role in the company’s R&D activities by measuring the quality and characteristics of a newly designed product prior to mass production. Although Arani has received financing and subsidies from the Quebec government, AraniLab is a completely self-funded initiative. It represents a significant investment in the LED industry’s latest quality assurance and R&D technology.

“My goal as an entrepreneur and business owner is not only to survive, but to thrive within my industry’s ecosystem,” says Sean Arani. “Investing in innovative tools ensures my company’s Quebec-designed products recognizable on a global scale.”

The AraniLab is also very important to distributors, electricians and end users. This is because all of our products undergo vigorous quality control tests to meet our brand's high performance standards. This is part of the Arani Experience!

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