As environmental friendly products continue to resurface every year, we find ourselves making smarter choices when upgrading our home electronics and appliances. Investing in smart appliances is a great way to be efficient and save the planet, one small change at the time. But what else can you do, before or after investing on new products?

The good news is that by making small changes on simple tasks every day, you can make a difference on your yearly consumption. BC Hydro compiled a list of 21 tips with no-cost ways to save. Here’s a gallery compilation with tips in order or savings:

  1. SAVE 4$:   Not using your PVR to record programs? Unplug your device and save money on the long run.
  2. SAVE 5$:   By cooking cool foods (salads & smoothies) or cooking outdoors, reduce the heat in the kitchen and save on air conditioning costs.
  3. SAVE 6$:   Use task lighting for direct light and save on room/space lighting costs.
  4. SAVE 8$:   Recycle that outdated cathodic television!
  5. SAVE 9$:   Open your blinds and curtains. Use natural light as much as possible and get refuel on vitamin D.
  6. SAVE 11$:  Ditching your old desktop even for just two hours per day, can make you save.
  7. SAVE 12$:  Turn off unnecessary lights. And make sure you use LED Lamps and LED Luminaires (wink, wink)!
  8. SAVE 20$:  Using your microwave, crockpot and toaster oven can save you on cooking time and electricity when compared to using the oven.
  9. SAVE 21$:   Turn water off when shaving, washing hands and brushing your teeth.
  10. SAVE 25$:  Be efficient with your fridge and freezer and keep them at the ideal temperatures (2-3°C and -18°C).
  11. SAVE 27$:  Switching to cold water to wash your laundry for an average of three loads per week can sum up to 27$ savings.
  12. SAVE 27$:  Add a dry towel to your laundry to reduce drying time of your clothes.
  13. SAVE 30$:  Take shorter showers, even two minutes per shower!
  14. SAVE 30$:  Maximize your laundry loads, even when using cold water. Fuller loads result into fewer loads per week, and make a difference.
  15. SAVE 33$:  Get that hot water leaky faucet fixed!
  16. SAVE 37$:  Stop heat-drying your dishes in the dishwasher!
  17. SAVE 45$:  Window coverings are great at blocking the sun out and reduce the heat indoors. Use them appropriately, and save on!
  18. SAVE 47$:  Hang dry your laundry indoors or air them out on your clothing line.
  19. SAVE 50$:  Unplug unused electronics… really, now you know!
  20. SAVE 72$:  Lowering your thermostat by 2 degrees can reduce heating costs.
  21. SAVE 90$:  If you don’t have any teenagers raiding the pantries & fridges and can afford it, unplug your second fridge/freezer.

What changes will you do?