As Canadian businesses are getting ready to reopen, here are some measures Arani has taken to pursue its operations during the pandemic.

Hand sanitizer and Face mask on table


At Arani, we make our employees’ health and safety one of our top priorities. Which is why we partake in “social distancing”.Therefore, we asked employees to work from home. As for the ones working in the office, the warehouse or our workshop, we encourage them to be at least 2 metres apart and wash their hands frequently, while also having to wear our protective visors at all times. We’ve actually doubled our cleaning frequency at the office to make sure everyone there is working in a safe environment. We also alternate hours often in order to reduce the number of employees working in the warehouse at the same time.


Thanks to technology, we've been able to keep communication efficient through platforms such as Skype and Outlook Live which have helped us keep each other updated consistently. Our usual Monday meeting has been moved from the conference room to Google Hangouts, which allows our team members from all over Canada to be reunited while also staying safe at home.


To ensure customers feel safe working with us during this time, we encourage everyone to make purchases through our website, where you can now make online transactions, to avoid stepping foot in a store or distributor. We will continue “same day shipping” for orders placed before 2 p.m. EST for most orders. Plus, orders can be delivered at your own doorstep! So, there is no worries of getting in contact with anyone.

If you have any more questions, please click here. In the meantime, we hope you all take care. The Arani Team.