Last year, Arani got the chance to work with OES on a new product designed for the NBA. On the image below, you can see our RGB (green) LED strips, installed on the scorer table.

OES, the global scoreboard giant, had approached us last year looking for a cost-effective solution for a project involving a new product designed for the NBA. The goal was to find a green strip light to be used on a scorer table. It seemed pretty clear to us what product to go for: our RGB LED strips. Customizable, heatless, easy to install and extremely versatile, our product had the quality and the cost-effectiveness OES was looking for. The lights were then used to build this scorer table shown in the video, which lights up when a team scores a point.

This video was taken last summer, in Nevada, during the NBA’s Summer League. (Green strip flashing). To see video, head to our Facebook page.

NBA Score Table with Green LED Strip

These tables are now used in all of the NBA arenas and are all made with our RGB LED strips. We are very happy and proud about the final results! We hope we can continue offering our clients what they need and great service.

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