Here is a warehouse retrofit project using our 4ft LED linear strip lights at the Elgin Innovation Centre in Aylmer. A total of 58 4ft LED linear strip lights replaced about 116 4ft T8 2-tubes fixtures. The client was very pleased to notice the efficiency of our product, enabling them to reduce the number of original fixtures used and reducing their energy bill by over 50%, while being brighter at the same time.

Collage of two warehouse halls with Arani 4ft LED strip lights at ceiling

The interesting part about this project is the choice of linear strip lights instead of high bays for warehouse lighting. Usually, LED high bays are preferred in warehouse projects due to the high ceilings. However, these ceilings were only 10ft high, meaning high bays would have been far too bright and produce too much glare. Instead, these LED strip lights were perfect.


Before the retrofit, the each fluorescent T8 2-tube fixture consumed 56W and delivered 2850 lumens. For a much higher number of lumens (4550) our LED linear strip light consumes only 35W. The 50 000-hour lifespan of our fixtures is also higher than the T8 tubes at only 30 000 hours, so let’s just say our client won’t have to worry about changing our fixtures anytime soon!

Table comparing Arani's LED strip light VS Average fluorescente 2 T8 tubes fixture

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