Want to know the ultimate tip for an astonishing sparkle? Jewellers use lighting to enhance the look of their displays to make gems and metals look brighter and shinier.

It is no secret that lighting plays a great role in product merchandising, and showcasing.  And the quality of the lighting itself can make an even greater impact. LED brings that sparkle to the next level! Available in many different dimmable color temperatures, the superior CRI brings out the best features and reflects the light better than other technologies. Here are two easy options that fit into display units:

  1. Under Cabinet LED Puck Lights: With their very thin profile, these surface-mount under cabinet LED lights, are easy to install and provide a beautiful beam into shelved units and other counters
  2. LED Strips and aluminum extrusions: LED Strips have an adhesive back for a quick installation. LED Strips alone are ideal for non-exposed surfaces, where finished look is not necessary. However, if you want to create a more refined look, or if you want to place the strips in a 45-degree angle, you can use aluminum extrusions. 

So, whether you are shopping for a new gem, or if you are a jeweller, keep this in mind: LEDs are truly made for Diamonds. Diamonds and gems reflect natural light and that’s what makes them sparkle. Jewellery experts recommend that the best color temperature for a crisp, clean and clear display is Daylight color (5000K – 6000K).  You should also look into similar lighting colors for your area lighting as well, and create a seamless sparkle environment.

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