LED Warehouse Lighting for Transport Company in Quebec (Retrofit Project)

Project Overview

A transport warehouse in Quebec needed brighter and more reliable lighting to ensure worker satisfaction and efficiency. The installed fluorescent tube fixtures were visually unappealing and had a high failure rate, requiring maintenance work to be conducted regularly. As the fluorescent tubes aged, they became less bright and sometimes emitted a buzzing noise. As the ceilings are relatively low, the tube fixtures were also a hazard in the case of accidental contact, as they could shatter. A full warehouse retrofit project was undertaken to convert all lighting to energy efficient LED fixtures, saving energy and maintenance costs thanks to lower power consumption, lower rates of failure, and longer expected fixture lifespans.

Project Details

The existing fluorescent tube fixtures were replaced with Arani LED canopy lights that are ideal for low ceiling area lighting, thanks to their wide beam angle and slim profile. As the heights of the ceilings were 12ft and 15ft at the various areas of the warehouse floor, a 65W LED canopy light fixture (equivalent to 250W fluorescent fixtures) was selected, providing more light with fewer fixtures. A total of 41 LED canopy lights were professionally installed by Lectro Électrique in this warehouse retrofit project to great effect. Simply look at the fantastic results!

Warehouse retrofit project canopy lights arani 1

Warehouse retrofit project canopy lights arani 2