LED Lighting for Car Dealership (Elegance Leasing)

Project Overview

Elegance Leasing in Montreal, Canada needed to convert a building into a car dealership. Among many other renovations, new lighting was a key component of ensuring the showroom gave customers the right experience as they viewed the car models on the showroom floor. The showroom with high ceilings needed powerful, low glare area lighting so Arani’s LED high bays were selected. The basement area has much lower ceilings and is sometimes used to wash cars, so Arani’s waterproof LED vapor tight fixtures were selected. Outside the dealership, some directional outdoor area lighting was needed; it was important that the outdoor lights did not shine into the surrounding properties, so the downward facing LED wall pack 11 and LED shoeboxes were selected. To save energy and automate, these outdoor LED fixtures were installed with photocells that allow the fixture to turn on automatically when it gets dark. The finished result is a bright and modern space that amplifies the beauty of the vehicles and makes the space look grand and clean.

Project Details

The required number of lighting fixtures were calculated using Arani’s free complete lighting simulation service. In the showroom area, 20 pieces of 200W 4000K LED high bays were installed on 2 circuits. This allows the independent control of half the LED high bays, effectively providing the option of 2 levels of brightness as required, as the levels of natural light coming from the full-length glass walls varied throughout the day. Since this is a renovation project, 347V high bays were required to match the pre-existing wiring and power source. Although 347V fixtures generally cost a little bit more than their 120-277V counterparts, the incremental cost generally is far lower than the cost of tearing out all pre-existing wiring and re-wiring as a 120-277V set up. In the basement, 34 4ft LED vapor tight fixtures were installed in a long chain. This installation method was made possible by the tandem accessible feature of Arani’s vapor tight fixture, where the fixture allows electrical access from both ends without compromising its watertight design. Arani’s LED vapor tight fixtures are IP65 rated (read about IP ratings here), making it impervious to water and dust ingress in a basement environment. Once again, 347V lighting fixtures were used to match the pre-existing wiring and power source. Finally, outdoors, 5 pieces of 30W and 2 pieces of 70W LED wall pack 11s, as well as 4 pieces of 150W LED shoeboxes were installed. These fixtures were selected for their directionality to avoid light pollution into surrounding streets and properties, as well as the option to install with photocell. Depending on the height at which the wall pack 11 fixtures were installed, a stronger or weaker wattage was selected to ensure the right level of light at street level. Arani’s lighting simulation service guarantees a perfect result every time by taking away the guesswork associated with these types of adjustments.

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Elegance Leasing is a car dealership located at 6225A St Jacques St, Montreal, Quebec H4B 1T8. Visit their website here.

Car Dealership Showroom 1 Car Dealership Showroom 2 Garage Entrance at Car Dealership

Garage of Car Dealership 1 Garage at Car Dealership 2 Outside Car Dealership 1

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