LED High Bays for Barn at Blackbay Farm (New Build)

Project Overview

Blackbay Farm in Lochaber, Quebec needed LED lighting for a brand-new barn, and enlisted the lighting expertise of Entreprise d’électricié Réjean Desjardins and Arani. Since the barn has a dairy section, the lighting had to resemble natural daylight for the comfort and productivity of the cattle. The lighting also had to be impervious to water, as the cattle may need to be cleaned with jets of water; as such, Arani’s IP65 LED high bays were selected (read about IP ratings here).

Project Details

The barn measured around 5016 sqft. To provide adequate lighting in conjunction with the generous natural light from the windows, Entreprise d’électricité Réjean Desjardins installed 11 LED high bays in 2 rows of differing heights. Using lighting simulation, Arani calculated that for optimal lighting, the higher row required 150W high bays and the other row required 100W high bays. The 5000K colour temperature was specifically chosen to be close to natural daylight to increase the comfort and productivity of cattle. The 1-point suspension design of Arani’s round high bays allowed an easier installation as compared to linear high bays with 2 points of suspension, especially given the difficulty in accessing the ceiling.

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LED High Bays for Barn at Blackbay Farm Arani 1  LED High Bays for Barn at Blackbay Farm Arani 2