LED High Bay Lighting at Emery Centre Jardin Store (Retrofit Project)

Project Overview

Emery Centre Jardin in Gatineau, Quebec needed LED high bays to retrofit their store. The new LED lights would cut energy consumption and costs by 50%, reduce maintenance costs thanks to higher fixture lifetimes, and provide a more consistent light. It was important to maintain the commercial feeling of their store, and provide a bright light to help customers select the right products for their gardening needs. To this effect, Arani’s LED high bays in 4000K were selected, and are projected to save over $1500/year in energy costs.

Project Details

Emery Centre Jardin’s indoor section measured around 5000 sqft. To provide a pleasant shopping experience, 20 347V LED high bays in 4000K were installed throughout the store, replacing 400W metal halide high bay fixtures. The 4000K colour temperature was specifically chosen to give a comfortable and commercial look. The 347V version was selected to allow the high bay fixtures to be installed on the same circuit. The 1-point suspension design of Arani’s round high bays allowed an easier installation as compared to linear high bays with 2 points of suspension, especially given the difficulty in accessing the ceiling.

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LED High Bay Lighting for Emery Centre Jardin Arani 3   LED High Bay Lighting for Emery Centre Jardin Arani 4