Decorative Linear Lighting at HPadar Tailor Showroom (Renovation Project)

Project Overview

HPadar, a tailor in Montreal, Canada, wanted a more decorative look in their showroom to show off their fine garments and handiwork. They wanted a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere where customers would feel more comfortable and be happy to spend more time in. With a large window at one end of the showroom, fewer light fixtures were needed to produce the same levels of light. To achieve this, Arani’s Altum linear lights were selected to provide a linear, decorative look, and Arani’s PAR38 lamps were installed in track lights to give spotlighting to the clothes racks and mannequins.

Project Details

The showroom at HPadar measured around 2500sqft. To provide adequate lighting in conjunction with the generous natural light, FFF Électrique installed 14 Altum linear lights and 20 PAR38 lamps on tracks. The 4000K Altum gave a warmer colour than the previous T8 tubes that were installed in 6000K, and the 3000K PAR38 lamps created an even warmer atmosphere. The PAR38 from Arani was specifically chosen due to its high CRI (colour rendering index), ensuring all the colours of the various fabrics showed up vividly and true-to-colour. The showroom has never looked this good.  

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Before                                                                                                  After

Altum Linear Lights HPadar Tailor Showroom Arani (before)  Altum Linear Lights HPadar Tailor Showroom Arani (After)