How to decorate with vintage LED lights like a pro

In case you missed it vintage lamps (bulbs) have made a comeback. You may have spotted them in hotel lobbies, restaurants and other public places. However, most trendy hotspots are recreating the vintage charm with vintage styled LED lamps.

So how can you decorate with them like a pro?

  1. Identify the accent lighting source you want to customize. It can be a ceiling luminaire, a high floor lamp or table lamps.
  2. Undress your lighting fixture. Vintage styled LED lamps are definitely made to be visible.
  3. Choose a transparent lamp shade or a structural see-through frame. This is optional but it can add more depth to your light.
  4. Mix and match different lamp shapes. There are many lamp shapes available and most of them accommodate the standard screw-type base (E26) to help you create a beautiful environment effortlessly.

Bonus tip: keep your lighting consistent. Regardless of what color your main area lighting color temperature is, make sure you choose the same color for all of the vintage lamps. This will ensure you create the perfect microenvironment!

Looking for inspiration? Here are a few ideas for you next Vintage Lighting project: