Conference Room at Arani (Renovation Project)

Project Overview:

Arani’s head office in Montreal, Canada was renovating its conference room, presenting the perfect opportunity to replace some old LED panels with the new tunable white version with wireless controls. The new tunable white LED panels emit more lumens per watt as a result of advancements in LED technology, and can be dimmed and adjusted between 3000K and 5000K colour temperatures via a wireless remote control. These new features would offer better convenience, more options, and greater control to the Arani team.

Tunable White LED Panels in Arani Conference Room (3000K)Tunable White LED Panels in Arani Conference Room (4000K)Tunable White LED Panels in Arani Conference Room (5000K)

Project Details:

The Arani conference room measures about 300 square foot and previously had 6 2x4 LED panels installed. The 6 existing 2x4 LED panels were replaced with Arani tunable white 2x4 LED panels that emit 5500 lumens each. Only 5 tunable white 2x4 LED panels were required to achieve the same lumen output as before, cutting down power consumption by around 15%.

Project Outcome:

The Arani team saw a huge benefit to being able to control dimming wirelessly in the conference room. Here’s what the team had to say.

‘It’s very convenient to have the remote especially when we need to dim the room for a presentation or watch a video, and bring the brightness back up when we’re done. It’s a lot less disruptive to the flow of a meeting.’ – Dennis Daoust, VP Operations at Arani

‘Usually we keep it at 4000K because it’s the best balance for an office workspace, but for taking product photos or shooting videos, 5000K gives a whiter and slightly brighter light for the camera that significantly improves the quality of the image.’ – Wei Wong, Marketing Strategist at Arani

‘The place definitely feels a lot more modern and technologically advanced. Who doesn’t like to work in a modern workspace?’ – Sandra Ikollo, Administrative Assistant at Arani

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