Since July 18th, masks inside closed public areas are mandatory for everyone over 11 years of age, in all the province of Quebec. As time goes on, this protective item has also become an everyday accessory, making artisanal face masks extremely popular for their more fashionable look. Green, Yellow, Flower print, Cotton, Satin, the choices are infinite. Great for your casual run at the grocery or the mall. But when it comes to your professional life, you might want to reconsider wearing these instead of the classic “surgical” ones, depending on your work environment.

Indeed, CNESST recently addressed the many articles saying the Organization had change its rules about face masks. Many were those to write that everyone working in stores will now have the obligation of wearing surgical types of mask. The truth is, there hasn’t been any changes to the CNESST’s guide since April . The artisanal mask can still be worn by employees if there is a physical barrier, such as plexiglass, and/or a 2-meter distance between people.

However, if these two conditions aren’t met, the wear of a “procedure” mask and eye protection (glasses or visor ) is necessary. N95 or similar alternatives [KN95] are also approved. Moreover, this equipment must be supplied by the employer, with a minimum of 4 disposable masks per employee, each day.

So, when and where should you be wearing a “surgical” mask to respect CNESST’s guide?

Basically, anywhere you could cross someone at less than 2 meters, like in a tight hallway to get to another room or if you have to work directly with clients, like help them put on clothes, etc. Please note that this applies to employees and their employers on work grounds.

Many have been calling us recently wondering if our masks met CNESST’s specifications. The answer: YES. You can order them in boxes of 50 through our website . They will ship the day of and get delivered directly at your door and/or on site. Take a look at our other Protective Supplies here .

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