Outdoor Accent Lighting

This is part 2 of our outdoor LED lighting guide that focuses on accent lighting. To read part 1 about outdoor area lighting, click here.

Accent lighting is commonly accomplished with waterproof LED strips, LED wall sconces, small LED flood lights, or LED wall washers.

LED strips are a great option for accent lighting if a clean, linear look is desired. LED strips can be cut to length and bent to shape, and come in a wide variety of brightness and colours, making them extremely popular. Colour changing RGB versions are also available. The major consideration for conventional LED strips is that they are a low voltage LED product, hence requiring use of LED drivers which need to be housed in a safe and dry place. To read more about LED driver selection, click here. Recently, Arani has released a 120V LED strip that is suitable to be installed outdoors, meaning it does not require a driver; this may be a good option if a driver is not realistic for your application. The biggest trade-offs to the driverless 120V LED strip are that it can only be cut once every 4 inches, instead of once every inch like the low voltage LED strips, and also that it is non-dimmable. If you have an LED strips project, Arani offers strips in custom lengths, all cut to your project specifications with the correct LED drivers included for a plug and play experience. Click here to contact us. 

Indoor LED Strip - AraniOutdoor LED Strip - AraniDriverless 120V LED Strip - Arani

LED wall sconces are compact and decorative fixtures designed to be installed on walls or pillars. The lighting is usually directed downward or upward or both, creating a decorative beam of light on the wall and providing some soft ambient lighting. Selection of an LED wall sconce is primarily based on the appearance, and the brightness it provides in lumens. A wall sconce that gives too few lumens (<600 lumens) will not provide the decorative look desired, as the light beams will be too weak. Learn more about lumens here. A very popular design is the up & down light, which shines both upwards and downwards, and comes in various sizes to suit the application.

LED Flat Wall Sconce - AraniLED Round Wall Sconce with Photocell - Arani LED Up & Down Light (Small) - AraniLED Up & Down Light (Large) - Arani

LED flood lights can also be used for decorative applications. Commonly, lower wattage LED flood lights are installed outside a house shining towards the walls to give the house a better presence in the evening hours. They can also be installed facing trees and plants in gardens for landscape lighting. The placement of the LED flood light is important to ensure the beams of light land in the most pleasing way possible. The visual impact of a well-placed flood light can only be appreciated by seeing some examples.

LED Flood Light 15W/45W - AraniLED Flood Light 15W/45W - Arani (Front)

LED wall washers are long and thin LED flood lights, designed to give an even wall of lighting on a surface, such as on a wall or fountain. Generally, they are installed on the ground and shine upward towards the wall. The advantage of the LED wall washer is that there are no breaks between the lines of the light, unlike if several flood lights were installed, giving it a very decorative look.   

LED Wall Washer - Arani

Arani offers free lighting simulation reports to guarantee the result of your LED lighting project is exactly as you imagine it. For further information, contact us here.