Landscaping is what a canvas is to an artist: you can make it a master piece. It would be a shame if this décor didn’t get to shine 24/7, don’t you think? If so, keep reading. We’ve got something that will make any landscaping project last forever (or almost)!

When it comes to the best landscaping lighting, we definitely recommend on using one of our LED Mini Flood lights with High Lumen . With a 50 000 hour lifespan, these can either come with a Bracket or Knuckle Mount, depending on your needs. Both are great for a direct application to the ground. For an installation in the earth, our Knuckle Mount version is ideal since it can be screwed to a ground stake. For more solid floors, you can use our Bracket mount models and have them secured by adding screws between the bracket and the base. Another important thing to point out is that these LED Mini Flood lights are completely weatherproof! Also, great if there’s a sprinkler system close by.

Led mini flood light high lumen mouting bracket

Led mini flood light high lumen mouting joint

The major difference between the 15W mini flood light and the 45W mini flood light is their Lumen generation. The 15W goes up to 1500, while the 45W version can go up to 5100. The choice you will make will mostly depend on the size of the area you will want the light to cover. For illuminating a small tree, for example, there isn't much need for an extremly high lumen power. But, if you're trying to brighten one of these massive century-old trees, then going up in power might be better if you want to see more of it.

Led mini flood light high lumen backyard

Led mini flood light high lumen trees

On a more “esthetic” side, let’s discuss color temperatures. Crucial for the tone you’ll want to set. Available in 15W and 45W, you can pick from any of these color temperatures: warm white (3000K), cool white (4000K), or daylight (5000K). So, the lower the number, the warmer your lighting is going to look. So, for a softer, chilled out look, 3000K would be perfect, especially for sit-down areas you want to keep cozy. If you want a more dynamic look though, go for a 4000K. Great for poolside. 5000K will be great if you want to show the true colors of your botanical art work!

Led mini flood light high lumen pool trees

Led mini flood light high lumen sitting area

Obviously, not all projects are the same. The best way to know which mount and which light to truly go for, contact your sales representative or contact us !

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