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LED products for all your projects!

Arani offers a wide variety of LED products with high efficiency to meet all your projects' requirements.

LED Lamps and Tubes

Easily replace your incandescent lights and your fluorescent tubes with a simple installation. If you need help to determine what product to use for your type of application, contact us and we'll help you figure it out!

LED Strips & Aluminum Extrusions

Choose from a wide range of strips and extrusions that are perfect for your custom needs. With 22 strips options, 2 all-purpose surface mount extrusions and our very own LUNA recessed lighting solution, we've got you covered for any project.

LED Indoor & Office Lighting

Arani offers a selection of luminaires for different installation types: suspended, ceiling-mount, wall-mount or recessed. Fully certified for residential and commercial use, these energy efficient luminaires will make your environment distinguishable.

LED Area Lighting

From Smart Wall Packs to High Power Flood Lights, Arani's line of area lighting are all high in performance. Light your outdoor spaces and save on energy consumption without compromising the luminous output.

Accessories & more

Whether you're looking for transformers, strip connectors or even brackets for your luminaires, Arani has you covered! Browse online or tell us what you need and we will provide a tailored solution for you.